Heinz-Erich Gödecke

Heinz-Erich Gödecke plays trombone, didjeridoo, gongs, tibetan horns and many other instruments.

He composes and improvises.

Heinz-Erich Gödecke is musician, composer, visual artist and he worked as engineer in a scientic institute, DESY.

He works as a soloist, together with ensembles and he performs with many excellent contemporary musicians.

On tour in nearly all parts of the former Soviet Union, mostly organised and accompanied by the late Nikolai Dmitriev.
In Poland, Sweden, Rumania, Austria as well as in China and Ecuador.  And ArmeniaHe participated at Polyphony of the World, a project of the russian composer Alexander Bakshi, realized in the framework of the Theatre-Olympiade 2001 in Moscow.

In Armenia, Heinz-Erich Gödecke participated at Tradition und Moderne, the International Festival and Symposium in honor of Avet Terterian’s 75th birthday.

2007 he participated with an Installation at the  Second Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.

Heinz-Erich Gödecke lives in Gribow / East Pommerania and Hamburg.

Heinz-Erich Gödecke was chairman of the Jazzbüro Hamburg

Heinz-Erich Gödecke organised the Belaieff-Concerts in Hamburg.

Duo Gödecke - Kellers

by Heinz-Erich Gödecke und Willi Kellers

Altona Art Duo

by Heinz-Erich Gödecke + Björn Lücker